Meet Virtual Mentor Feedback Carousel Teams

Mentor Feedback Carousel is a mentoring event where sTARTUp Lab brings together Mentors and teams

Meet our 2020 spring semester teams


1. NutriBy - Application that helps people track their nutrition while shopping. 

2. RRD - Helping people to reduce waste with a platform that connects them with local producers, who deliver groceries and goods to their door in reusable to and refillable packaging. 

3. MyLeaf - A mobile application that helps to track your plant's growth. 

4. Salice - Wristbands with NFC chips that unify all the plastic cards into one gadget.

5. Widely - Web-service to help students/potential students to find the best match for their future education by providing them with educational institutions base with a simple and user-friendly interface. 

6. Fitex - Reliable online training platform to find suitable group training that is guided by top coaches. 

7. MindLift - Mental health app, where users can track their emotions, learn techniques that help them cope with stress and connect with a psychologist without long wait times. 

8. Testpooled/tp - Testing platform and test warehouse for skill assessment and test performance analytics. 

9. HearMyCall - Video call system for persons with hearing or speaking disabilities. 

10. Frinder - An app that will use your data (list of liked videos and subscribed channels on YouTube, Google interests list) to find your soulmate. 

11. SoberDriver -Service that will help you get you to your destination with your car. 

12. Pölt - Subscription based delivery service from store to door of pets' goods for people who can't or don't have the resources or the time to transport these on their own. 

13. Sorter - Mobile application that helps people to sort their waste in the right way. 

14. Soil (former Harakas) - Music web-application, which helps to share music sheets in music groups easier and paperless. 

15. HappyLife - Mental health monitoring program that helps employers to prevent burnout among their staff. 

16. ADORA -  Fashion and craft brand based on tradition and fusion.

17. Paranduskohvik -  A community for long-time unemployed and  other less fortunate who can repair broken stuff, give new life to old things and apply their skills
18. Airnatic - Technology for event managers to provide better customer experience.